Most experts come to a conclusion that vaping the weeds is much better for you than smoking.

The upward trends of vaping the cannabis have a lot of users due to its benefits compared to other ways of vaporizing such as pipe, joint or bong.

Health fad comes and goes, but should vaporizing stay? Is vaping actually safe for us? We will ask some experts to get the accurate answer.

Vaping versus smoking

Vaping or vaporizing involves putting THC oil or raw marijuana in a plugin device or pen.

After that, the oil or marijuana is heated to a lower temperature than the time of burning and makes the product become a vapour. This means that the users do not breathe the smoke in, but vapour instead.

“Anything that makes a tree on fire generates respiratory annoyances,” a researcher and professor explained.

So by using the best vape pen for weed, the users could be able to prevent from breathing some negative by-products that could be often found in the smoke of cannabis.

Researches on vaporizing the cannabis

While pen vaporizer has dramatically increased in the popularity for the last recent years, its impacts have not been studied by any major studies yet. In fact, just a few minor researches on this subject exist till now.

Most of the results recommend that the marijuana could be much safer when we use a pen vaporizer. In addition, the smoker who uses the marijuana in other methods such as joint or pipe could reduce the symptoms of respiratory illnesses by changing to use a pen vaporizer.

In spite of those studies, there have not been enough researches to come to a sound conclusion on the pen vaporizer according to some experts.

“But no one wants to wait for ten years before he decides what to do,” an expert explains.

“It is really surprising at how few findings have been carried out with the pen vaporizer,” says a famous clinical profession assistant and emergency physician.

In spite of the shortage of researches, he still thinks that vaping the weeds is the better choice for all of us.

“I believe that the advantages are far outweigh the disadvantages. As a emergency physician, I do not accept the smoking of cannabis by anyone. And that is what a pen vaporizer is made for.”

Risk of Vaporizing The Marijuana

While vaping the weeds seems to be healthier for us than smoking, it does not mean that it is totally risk-free.

A famous researcher points out that vaping does not do anything to alleviate the practical impacts of the marijuana such as psychological or dependency impacts.

In addition, while there is no obvious evidence to propose the risks of health related to vaping the cannabis, some expers have raised the anxiety about several addicted substances included in a lot of  pen vaporizers.

Another worry is that a cheap plastic part could release some toxic substances when it is heated with higher temperatures.

The Bottom Line: Vaporizing is a Safer Way

In spite of the questions raised by some experts, the others come to a conclusion that the health benefits of switching to using a pen vaporizer are very potential.

“I believe it is obvious that smoking any things is not good for your health. What little study we have appears to greatly favor vaping over smoking,” an expert says.

“Vaporizing the marijuana seems to be much safer because it reduces the amount of toxic hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and also decreases the temperature,” he concludes.

“It offers you what you need without bad results,” he explains.

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