In general, customize a motorcycle helmet would often mean to make a customized or specialized tailored helmet according to individual preference. Thus, you could not create custom helmet in bulk. In other words, it is kind of the limited edition which is available to you exclusively. Needless to say, even when it is a custom helmet, you still need to be sure that it would keep your head protected and safe in the event of accident.

There are generally a wide range of methods to customize and make a motorcycle helmet look awesome such as paining, airbrushing, or applying decals and stickers. The following are some popular ways that riders often apply:

  1. Apply decals or stickers

This method is really simple for any people. You just need to go online, look for some cute or outstanding stickers, decals and put it on the helmet.

  1. Buy a custom helmet on shop

Of course, you can look for a motorcycle helmet designed by other people. In fact, it is sometimes better for some riders to purchase a custom model and then customize it themselves. You do not need to learn the entire process of amending or painting simply because it is rather messy and challenging for many people.

  1. Have your motorcycle helmet custom painted

If you have an old helmet, do not just throw away as you could use it to create a totally new and customized one. In general, there are 2 ways to have a painted helmet: wet painting and airbrushing.

If you know how to paint things, then you can paint your helmet at home yourself. Nevertheless, if you have no idea how to do it, it would be better to find a professional painter and have it done. Do not try to paint the helmet yourself, otherwise you will end up with a terrible and ugly painted helmet.

Another method is to use the airbrush to pain. The following are a couple factors to bear in your mind before starting:

  • Remove all of the helmet’s parts that you do not want to paint such as inner pads or form, visor and shield
  • Clean the exterior shell (surface) of the helmet suitably. Make sure to clean all of the dust, otherwise the painted layer will not come out right.
  • Sand the exterior surface (or the area in which you need to paint) by using sandpaper. In fact, this could make new painted layer stick to the shell.
  • Cover any parts that you do not want to paint by using tape.
  1. Choose a helmet cover or skin

Instead of putting stickers, decals or having your motorcycle helmet painted, you can also apply a cover or skin to make it really new and cool. In addition, another advantage of having a skin or cover is that it could protect the helmet from chips as well as scratches.

  1. Pinstripe your motorcycle helmet

In general, pin-striping is the usage of a really thin line of paint to decorate a motorcycle helmet. It could be performed on anything, including helmet, truck or car. However, it is not an easy method, but takes a great deal of cautiousness and delicacy to have it done correctly.

These are 2 main types of pin-striping:

  • Mechanical pin-striping: This type of pin-striping is done with the help of a machine and generally used for large surfaces such as loaders and trucks.
  • Freehand pin-striping: Freehand means that you will manually paint the strip, which should be done by an expert.

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