Nowadays, instead of using the best hardwood floor vacuum, people tend to use a handy vacuum cleaner because of its convenience. Handy vacuum cleaner is becoming more and more popular as it is lightweight and cordless. I will guide you 5 steps to choose a suitable handy vacuum cleaner as your needs.

  1. Estimate the weight of the handy vacuum cleaner

The handy vacuum cleaner is designed primarily for the purpose of using. The user can feel it compact and lightweight when using this machine. However, depending on each type of machine, it has different weight. Therefore, you should choose a handy vacuum cleaner that you feel comfortable. If you choose a heavy and big vacuum cleaner, you will feel harder to use. Especially if you want to use vacuum cleaner for the stairs, you should choose the light products as much as possible because you will be tired of climbing up and down the stairs all the time.

However, weight is often related to capacity. A small vacuum cleaner usually has small capacity inside that makes vacuuming weaker. Therefore, depending on your needs, you should select the suitable type of handy vacuum cleaners with suitable weight.

  1. Choose a vacuum cleaner base on battery life and charging time

Most of handy vacuum cleaner uses battery and before using it, you have to charge by electric. If battery just works for a short time, you have to take more time to vacuum as the machine will stop suddenly many times due to out of battery. On the other hand, charging too long will take time, too.

You can check the usage time of battery easily on the package or on the website of the manufacturer.

There is one little trick that you should pay attention to charge vacuum cleaner after using to not forget. Sometimes, you do not know when you will use the vacuum cleaner again. If you want to use the vacuum cleaner but it is out of battery, you have to take time to fully charge new battery.

  1. Understand the features of the handy vacuum cleaner

You should refer the specific features of the handy vacuum cleaner in the flyers or in the instruction label to choose what features is suitable for your needs before deciding to buy. For example, handy vacuum cleaner with hose is suitable for you to vacuum some small spaces such as cars. Or the brush with angle is easy to clean some places such as corners and stairs. The vacuum cleaner with toothbrush design in the top helps you easier to clean the carpet.

  1. Check the vacuum cleaner

In order to use a handy vacuum cleaner better, you have to try whether it is suitable to your hand or not. In addition, you have to check the button location whether it fits to your fingers or not.

  1. Evaluate the ability of vacuuming

A handy vacuum cleaner with large capacity will operate more easily than the small capacity one. The strength of the handy vacuum cleaner is expressed through the parameters such as watt (capacity), ampere (electricity)… You should pay attention that a large capacity vacuum cleaner will have larger size and heavier weight. And when you use large capacity vacuum cleaner, it will make more noise than small capacity one.

In the above article, I have just introduced you 5 steps to choose the suitable handy vacuum cleaner for your needs. You should follow these tips in order to buy the best handy vacuum cleaner with better usages.

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